Mid-August, Community of Sant’Egidio organizes solidarity activities: “Let’s not leave the most fragile alone”

Lunches for the poor and initiatives in prisons – Zuccolini: “Difficult moment amid rising cost of living and war in Ukraine”

A mid-August under the banner of Solidarity by the Community of Sant’Egidio, which has organized a series of events for tomorrow in various Italian cities to ensure that even the elderly alone, the homeless, migrants and prisoners can celebrate serenely the anniversary. “In a difficult moment due to many factors – the increase in the cost of living, the war in Ukraine, the increasingly complicated situations within our prisons – we believe it is necessary to increase solidarity and inclusion initiatives”, he says to AdnKronos Roberto Zuccolini, spokesman of the Community of Sant’Egidio

“During the summer, the threat of loneliness looms over the most fragile, not only the elderly but also the homeless, with cities becoming more and more empty – continues Zuccolini – for this very reason we are organizing a mid-August holiday that speaks to everyone, multiplying initiatives in the cities we are present in. In Rome we will have a special lunch at the headquarters in via Dandolo, with the homeless, the elderly and volunteers, who are mostly foreigners who have integrated into our country and who feel the need to give back, by helping others, the good they have received. Among these there are also some Afghans who will be with us precisely on the day that marked the escape from Kabul two years ago. Other events will then be held in Milan, in Genoa, Padua and Naples”.

Not only lunches and entertainment in the headquarters of the Community of Sant’Egidio, however. As Zuccolini explains, in order not to leave prisoners alone on this day of celebration, various initiatives have been thought up in prisons. “We will go to Rebibbia, but also to Regina Coeli and Civitavecchia, to show closeness to those in need. The meaning of these initiatives is precisely that of not forgetting the most fragile in this difficult period, with difficulties increased by days of heat and solitude Ours is also an appeal to the institutions and citizens, so that they become aware of the people they have next to them. While waiting for further measures to be decided to help the elderly, the homeless, prisoners, we are mobilizing to offer comfort”. The “August of solidarity”, this is the name chosen for the initiative, will take place in various sites. In Rome, in addition to lunch, there will be a big party, from 7 pm, at the “Villetta della Misericordia”, within the Policlinico Gemelli area, with the residents (formerly homeless) and their friends. From 9.30, on the other hand, the watermelon will be held in the prison of Rebibbia Nuovo Complesso, in which as many as 2,500 prisoners will participate. Parties, lunches and other solidarity events will also take place in Milan (from 6 pm at the Living Together space, via dei Cinquecento 7), Genoa (from 5.30 pm in the cloister of the Santissima Annunziata and at the soup kitchen), Padua (from 4.30 pm at the patronage of Ognissanti, via Orus 4), Naples (itinerant watermelon for the homeless starting at 5pm, from via Luigi Palmieri 19), and in other Italian cities.