Mid-August, Nas checks in retirement homes: cockroaches in the kitchen and drunk operators

Inspected, throughout the national territory, 351 structures finding irregularities in 70, equal to 20%

Structural, organizational and hygiene problems, such as pests and cockroaches in the kitchen, were found by the Nas in social-health and accommodation facilities for the elderly and disabled. In conjunction with the August 15th period, the Carabinieri Nas, in agreement with the Ministry of Health, have strengthened controls at the facilities. The campaign was planned in order to verify compliance with the levels of assistance and care in a period characterized by an increase in the demand for hospitality as opposed to a reduction in operators due to the use of holidays and work rest periods.

In recent days, the Carabinieri Nas have inspected, throughout the national territory, 351 structures, including assisted care residences (Rsa), retirement homes, housing communities and family homes, identifying 70 irregular ones, equal to 20% of the objectives checked, contesting 127 criminal and administrative sanctions, for over 40 thousand euros. Among the most recurrent violations, structural and organizational deficiencies of the structures were found, such as the presence of a higher number of elderly people than the maximum authorized capacity, often placed in excessively restricted environments and situations of less assistance of the people housed, attributable to a reduced number of operators per shift, in some cases without adequate qualifications and professionalism.

In one particular case, the Nas of Udine referred to the judicial authority a social welfare worker of a retirement home, responsible for causing injuries to a 91-year-old guest of the structure, ruining him while she was taking care of him, due to the altered conditions of the psycho-physical state due to the abuse of alcoholic substances taken by the same. Further non-compliance affected the accident prevention and fire prevention regulations.

In this regard, at a housing community for the elderly in Palermo, the NAS has ascertained the total absence of the fire-fighting system, without any fire extinguisher or other preventive measures, exposing the elderly guests to a serious risk to their safety in the event of such an event. due to the difficulty of walking and the lack of routes for evacuation. Precisely in relation to the failure to prepare fire prevention measures, during the control campaign a total of 12 penal sanctions were contested against as many structures.

The methods of preparing meals for guests were also checked, with striking cases relating to two RSAs in the province of Pavia, in whose kitchens the presence of pests and cockroaches was found. Following the outcome of the control services, it was proposed to issue suspensive measures for the operation of 14 structures with structural, organizational and hygiene problems, to be implemented with the simultaneous transfer of the elderly present to their families of origin or other suitable structures present in the territory.