Mid-August, the secrets for a perfect barbecue

Follow the 4 Ts: traceability, cuts, times and temperatures

Does mid-August rhyme with barbecue? A habit, that of cooking on the grill, which is certainly growing. Suffice it to say that the global turnover of grills and barbecues will amount to 7.75 billion dollars in 2028. And the recent data released by Statista (Revenue of the grills & roasters industry worldwide 2018-2028) show a constant growing trend throughout the world which, especially in the summer months, undergoes a surge. But improvised grillers can fall victim to some trivial mistakes, thus compromising not only the final result, but also their health.

On the portal of the Trust your taste, choose european quality project www.trustyourtaste.eu promoted by Assica (Association of industrial meat and cured meats) sector operators give some simple advice for cooking pork, the great protagonist, in the best possible way and in safety of summer barbecues. The golden rule is to follow the 4 t: traceability, cuts, times and temperatures.

The first concerns the choice of quality meats: today, thanks to the traceability guaranteed by the rules of the European Union, it is possible to know where they come from and where they were processed and packaged. Contacting your trusted butcher for the purchase is also an excellent way to also receive valuable suggestions and advice.

Among the most popular cuts are pork ribs also known as ribs, the local version of BBQ ribs, which in Italy are traditionally cooked without sauce but after a good marinade based on Mediterranean aromatic herbs such as rosemary, sage, thyme, marjoram, parsley, salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and a clove of garlic to taste. Braciole, lonza and capocollo are also very suitable, not counting the sausages, inevitable protagonists also of summer festivals and celebrations: in the month of August alone there are around 15,000 in Italy.

The marinade which, as mentioned, must be very simple and with a Mediterranean scent, not only serves to add flavor but is also useful because the aromatic herbs and citrus fruits, thanks to the content of antioxidant substances and vitamin C, facilitate the absorption of free iron present in red meat. The marinade should last at least a couple of hours, at a cool temperature, out of the refrigerator.

Pork must be eaten well cooked and requires longer cooking times and lower temperatures than other meats. To obtain a better result, it should therefore be placed in the outer portion of the grill, so as to cook it more gently and slowly and prevent it from drying out. It is essential that the grate is very hot, but the embers must not burn intensely and with a high flame, but rather be covered with a thin white ash.