Middle East, the inconsistencies in the video released by the Israeli army

A passage of the video, released by the Israeli army, reportedly shot underground in the Rantisi pediatric hospital in Gaza, is raising quite a few doubts. Armed Forces spokesman Daniel Hagari, after showing the places where Hamas allegedly held the hostages, shows some handwritten papers hanging on a wall, claiming that it is a list written in Arabic with the names of the terrorists: “This is a list of guards – he declares – where each terrorist wrote his name and each terrorist had an assigned shift to monitor the people who were here”

In reality, checking the translation, what is indicated is not a list, but the days of the week. Above the writing 7 October, it says “Saturday”. In the box of October 8, Sunday. Monday, the 9th and so on. Certainly not the names of the terrorists, who are said to be holding the people taken hostage on October 7th.

The reconstruction

A dissonance that can only cast shadows on the reconstruction made in the video released on November 14 and which, with the guidance of Hagari, claims to show the tunnels and rooms under the hospital where the hostages are suspected to have been kept and where, as shown the spokesperson, weapons were hidden. Reconstructions made more fragile by the approximation with which the Israeli army reconstructed at least part of the story (ISRAEL WAR – HAMAS).