Middle East war, Hamas publishes new video of three women hostages

Hamas has released another video intended to incite psychological pressure in Israel, showing three kidnapped girls held captive for 112 days. The three women are Karina Ariev (19 years old), Doron Steinbrecher (31 years old) and Daniella Gilboa (19 years old). In the video, which may have been shot five days ago, the three talk about “107 days of captivity”. The Islamic faction showed it on Telegram on the same day as the decision of the Court of Justice in The Hague which requested, among other things, the immediate release of those kidnapped by Hamas. (ISRAEL-HAMAS WAR, ALL LIVE UPDATES).

What the video shows

The video is titled ‘The clock is ticking’ and shows an hourglass emptying. The three women – who say they have been held prisoner for 107 days now – express themselves passionately in Hebrew, denounce having been abandoned by the State on 7 October and directly appeal to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to put an end to the war and bring them back safe and sound. hello to their families, “before we become more corpses”. Karina, a 19-year-old soldier, claims to have been kidnapped from the base in Kibbutz Nahal Oz: “We are constantly under fire, under attacks, bombings. You almost killed me with your bombings. How can it happen – she asks – that today Is he more afraid of my state than he fears Hamas?” Danielle, also a 19-year-old soldier, and Doron, a 30-year-old woman resident in Kibbuz Kfar Aza, are held prisoner with her. In their speeches they accuse the army of having caused the death of some hostages and urge the families to organize protest demonstrations. “First you exposed us to danger – they exclaim together – then you abandoned us, we want to go home now”. In Israel this video was not shown as the national media decided not to lend themselves to what they call “psychological terrorism” by Hamas.

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