Middle East War, IDF Spokesperson on Sky TG24: “We are not thinking of a truce”

Today the spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces spoke to Sky TG24, reiterating the desire to fight Hamas: “The government of Israel has decided to destroy the capabilities, not only military, of Hamas. We have carried out three fundamental components: the control of the border area to ensure there are no terrorists in our borders, then we have built a physical barrier to prevent terrorists from entering our territories. The third pillar, the stage we are in today, is the air offensive in the Gaza Strip, especially in the hub where Hamas forces are concentrated. The objective is to destroy Hamas as an institution and organization capable of associating various systems, in our opinion this perspective is the focus of our mission. I hope we can do it, the government has not given us time limits, I think it will be a long operation, with many difficulties, it will be both an air and land operation, without forgetting the humanitarian aspect. One thing is clear, Hamas will not be able to use the Gaza Strip to kill and slaughter Israelis, this will not be allowed, the world must support Israel.” (LIVE ISRAEL-HAMAS WAR)

“We’re not even talking about a truce”

The IDF spokesperson has no doubts about the prospects of a ceasefire: “We are not even talking about it, we are simply at the beginning of a long mission. Hamas has concentrated its capabilities within this typically civilian framework, so it will be a difficult war that must be fought in a decisive, resolute manner. We cannot accept children being slaughtered, this is not humane.” On the hostage issue: “I saw heartbreaking images, the video of Maya Sham, who went to experience a peace festival, where some of her friends like her were kidnapped, some did not return home. Hamas carries out psychological terrorism and causes an unprecedented emotional response in us. We expect there may also be other videos of this type. There is great respect for the families, so I can’t say anything about the hostages, only if they want to take them home, they have to let them go.”