Middle East War, Mohammed Deif: who is the mastermind of the blitz with hang gliders

For Hamas’s attack on Israel, many point the finger at the mastermind of a complex plan, planned for some time and, above all, eluded Israeli intelligence, which until now seemed capable of foiling every threat. The mastermind of the armed incursions from the Gaza Strip aboard pickups and motorized hang gliders is Mohammed Deif, Hamas strategist, the Scarlet Pimpernel who escaped dozens of attempts to eliminate him (FOLLOW THE UPDATES LIVE – THE SPECIAL)

The profile

The commander of the armed wing of Hamas, the Ezzedin al-Qassam brigades, lives in hiding. We haven’t seen a photo of him in public since 2001 and he bears the marks on his body from the repeated attacks he miraculously escaped: he is believed to be forced to move around in a wheelchair, to have lost an eye, perhaps even an arm. It is speculated that he began terrorist activity in 1991 and is a symbol for the Palestinian faction. But also the number one wanted man from Tel Aviv, who during the umpteenth escalation of violence, through the mouth of Minister Yisrael Katz, directly threatened the leaders of Hamas, fearing that he would hit Yihia Sinwar, leader of the faction in the Strip, and Mohammed Deif himself , the elusive commander.

Hamas’s revenge

Deif apparently cut his teeth following the engineer Yihia Ayash, who became famous for his tragic mastery of remote-controlled devices and car bombs. After the killing of Ayash, hit in 1996 by a bomb installed in his mobile phone, it was Deif who orchestrated Hamas’s revenge: an impressive series of attacks that bloodied the streets of Israel, causing the death of 60 people.