Middle East War, Tajani: “Unified message from Parliament, Hamas solely responsible”

“We have no certain news of the missing spouses, they are probably hostages, we will do everything possible”, said the Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, in a briefing to the Chamber, explaining that since the beginning of the crisis in the Middle East the “priority of the government has been the priority of Italians in Israel. There are around a thousand “those present in the country” in addition to the 18 thousand residents in the country, including numerous citizens with dual citizenship and around a thousand boys enrolled for military service. We are working to repatriate them all” , added Tajani, recalling that in addition to the 400 returning today, “in the next few days another 500 Italians will return with private flights and military flights”.

Tajani: “A united message arrives, Hamas is solely responsible”

“There is only one person responsible for this crazy spiral of violence, which is Hamas”, the minister then stated before adding that “Israel is a sovereign nation that has the right to live in peace and security. I hope that parliament will a united message in this sense” said Tajani, making it known that Parliament is working on a united resolution on Israel following his communications.

Ten Italians in Palestine

“There are around 10 Italians in Gaza, including a little girl”, Tajani then recalled, explaining that as regards European aid to the Palestinians, “we will verify that it is actually used for humanitarian purposes and not for others”. Today the minister will discuss the issue in an extraordinary EU Foreign Affairs Council.