Midterm elections, Trump: “Great evening”. But a source close to the tycoon: “he’s furious”

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For former US President Donald Trump, the midterm election was “a great evening” for the Republicans, with “174 wins and 9 losses. Fake news media and their democratic partners are doing what they can to belittle it. Great work from some fantastic candidates ”. But while the tycoon cheers in public, in private he would be furious at the results. This is said by an advisor to the former president at CNN, according to whom Trump is “livid and screams against everything and everyone”. Meanwhile, the reconfirmed governor of Florida Ron DeSantis is being indicated as the “future” of the Republicans (MIDTERM USA ELECTIONS, THE SPECIAL – THE LIVEBLOG).

“Great evening, fake news and dem want to belittle it”

The public comment from the former US president, who is about to announce his new run to the White House on November 15, is of great enthusiasm for the midterm election results: “174 wins and 9 losses, a great evening. . The fake news media and their democratic partners are doing what they can to belittle it. Great work from some fantastic candidates ”.

“He’s furious about the results”

In private, however, things would be different: despite the optimism shown on social media, Donald Trump would in fact be furious at the results obtained by his candidates in the midterm elections. An advisor to the former president revealed to CNN that since last night the tycoon is “livid and screams at everything and everyone”. That said, Trump will still announce his 2024 presidential candidacy on November 15, according to the source. “It would be too humiliating for him to postpone it,” he said.

“Trump defeated, DeSantis future of the Republicans”

Meanwhile, the media are beginning to analyze the results of the vote for the renewal of the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate: for the New York Post Ron DeSantis “proved” to be the “future” of the Republican party, after the overwhelming victory of governor of Florida who has managed to transform the state from ‘purple’ to ‘red’, or from a poised state to a republican. Axios expressly speaks of the defeat of Donald Trump the ‘loser’: the red wave did not occur and the candidates of the former president have received resounding defeats or at least struggled, opening the field to internal controversy within the party. And the possibility that the field of aspiring Republicans in the White House in 2024 will be much larger than expected.

“Trump cannot be Republican candidate 2024”

But it’s not just the media that give a negative opinion. The outcome of the mid-term elections shows that the Republican party must distance itself and ‘divorce’ Donald Trump if it is to prosper: this is said by Alyssa Farah Griffin, former director of communications at Trump, calling the tycoon a ‘loser’ at the light of the voting results. “If the Republican party wants to thrive it has to come out and say, ‘this man is a loser,'” Griffin said in an interview with CNN. She adds to Sarah Matthew, Trump’s former White House deputy spokesperson. “The night showed that Trump cannot be the Republican candidate in 2024. He cost the Conservatives seats that could be won because he pushed low-grade candidates,” Matthew added.