Midterm Usa 2022, America remains in suspense

Republicans towards the majority in the House, but it will be necessary to wait days to get a clear idea of ​​its composition

America is holding its breath after Sunday’s midterm elections. In fact, the composition of the Chamber and Senate remains undetermined, with the Republicans who can count on 49 seats in the Senate, the Democrats on 48. In two states, Arizona and Nevada, the ballot has not yet finished, and in Georgia it will be necessary to wait for the ballot vote on December 6.

In the House of Representatives it will be necessary to wait days to get a clear idea of ​​its composition, with the vote counting continuing in California, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. There are 35 seats still to be filled. The Democrats who lead the race in 24, and the Republicans – who only need nine more seats to be able to reach the 218 necessary to control the Chamber – in 11.

As for the Senate, at 11.30 yesterday evening (local time) in Arizona, Democrat Mark Kelly was ahead of the Republican Blake Masters by about 95,000 votes, with about 600,000 ballots still to be scrutinized, according to CNN estimates. In Nevada, Republican Adam Laxalt leads the race over Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, with 160,000 votes still to be cast.