Midterm Usa 2022, still no certainty about the Chamber

The Gop still needs 7 seats to win. And the hypothesis (“really difficult, but possible”) of a dem victory comes up

Three days before the midterm 2022 elections, America is not yet certain about who will lead the Congress from next January. In fact, the counting continues for dozens of seats in the Chamber where the Republicans have the advantage (at the moment 211 seats have won against 198 for the Democrats) but they still need 7 more seats to get a majority.

They therefore continue to be one step away from a victory of measure – while instead for weeks they felt an avalanche victory in their pockets, with a majority of dozens of seats – which, according to the forecasts of the CNN, will probably lead to a balance of 213 seats for the dem and 222 for the Gop, just 4 more than the minimum majority.

“It is therefore easier to arrive at this solution, but the reason we have not yet assigned the seats is that it is mathematically still possible a scenario that the Democrats keep the House”, he explained in front of his ‘magic wall’ John King, the CNN anchorman who, since election night, illustrates on his interactive map all the possible, and hypothetical, scenarios of these endless elections.

In particular, the broadcaster’s journalist, traditionally close to the Democrats, speculates that the Democrats can confirm the better than expected results even in the duels still to be closed in the West of the country, thus reaching 212. Two more seats, he still speculates, could arrive from Maine and Alaska – where the Democrat Mary Peltola leads, thanks to the split vote between Sarah Palin and another Democrat – where a system of ‘second choices’ is in place in the event that none of the candidates reaches 50%.

So they could reach 214. It is really difficult “that the dem, however, can get the last 4 seats, admits King, explaining that one of these could come from the defeat of another far-right passionate, the Republican deputy who loves weapons and QAnon, Kaureb Boebert, who leads by just 1136 votes in Colorado.