Mignanelli (Cerved): “The government uses the NRP for small and medium-sized enterprises at risk”

From the latest Cerved 2021 report, it emerges that our SMEs have reacted to the pandemic in a resilient way, thanks also to the emergency measures adopted. However, there is no lack of risks, linked above all to possible insolvency and non-payments in the most affected sectors. VIDEO

“The delicate thing that the government must do now is to manage the funds of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (THE SPECIAL OF SKY TG24) and to focus very carefully on the 27 thousand companies that are in the middle, that is economically healthy, but in financial tension: these are those on which debt capital must be entered and equity to allow them to overcome this phase of crisis and not increase those numbers “. Andrea Mignanelli, CEO of Cerved, commented on the results of the agency’s latest report on Italian SMEs to Sky TG24 Business.

Looking at the type of medium and high risks, the data shows that in 2021 the small and medium-sized enterprises that risk insolvency are 3.3% less than in 2020 (40.2 percentage points against 43.5). What to expect in the near future? “We believe that macroeconomic development is favorable in the coming months, consequently the figure will continue to decline. The truly dangerous group of companies is made up of 8 thousand subjects who were already at risk before and who were further penalized by Covid. Then there are, Fortunately, around 90,000 very healthy and financially sound companies will continue to do well “, continues Mignanelli.

The economic losses caused by the pandemic, as well as the advantageous market conditions, then favored greater recourse to loans, which resulted in an increase in the volume of financial debt in the balance sheets of these companies, which went from around 232 billion in 2019 to 260 of 2020. However, loans granted to very weak companies also grow. Hence, the volume of financial debt at risk, between 2019 and 2020, went from 22 to 51 billion, only to drop a little in September of this year (44 billion euros).

Another node, that of non-payments. On this front, the sectors most affected by the health and economic emergency were trade fairs, cinema, travel and fashion.

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