Migrant boats become musical instruments: the Orchestra del Mare at La Scala

Next Monday at 8.30pm, the orchestra will make its debut at the Piermarini which uses instruments made from the wood of boats and made by inmates of the Opera prison in Milan

It will debut next Monday, at the Teatro alla Scala of Milan, theOrchestra of the Seawhich he uses instruments obtained from the wood of the migrants’ boats and made by the people detained in the Opera prison in Milan. A concert with great social value in favor of the Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti Foundation. The evening, scheduled for 8.30pm, was attended by exceptional musicians such as the cellists Mario Brunello and Giovanni Sollima, accompanied by the French violinist Gilles Apap and the musicians of ‘Accademia dell’Annunciata directed by Riccardo Doni. Furthermore, the artist Mimmo Paladino offered his installation of I Dormienti as a scenography with a scenic image that recalls the drama of shipwrecked migrants. The writer Paolo Rumiz will read a text he wrote specifically for the evening.

The musical program ranges from Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 to Violoncello Vibrez, a piece for two cellos composed by Giovanni Sollima. “The Orchestra del Mare – explains the president of the Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti Foundation, Arnoldo Mosca Mondadori – seeks to transform what is considered, as Pope Francis says, ‘waste’, into harmony and hope: boats destined to be scrapped , migrant people fleeing from hunger and war, and finally detained people who transform this wood into musical instruments. I am grateful to La Scala for giving voice to all this.”

The concert will be held thanks to the support of Intesa Sanpaolo and broadcast live in the prisons of Opera, Monza, Rebibbia and Secondigliano, who join the project, to allow detained people to be able to witness this important moment of which they themselves are protagonists. The proceeds of the evening support the Metamorfosi project – the outcome of which is the Orchestra del Mare – helping to finance the laboratories, not only those of violin making in the prisons of Opera and Secondigliano, but also those of Rebibbia and Monza, where with the wood of the sacred objects, such as rosaries, are also made on boats. All detained people working on the project are hired in accordance with article 27 of the Italian Constitution.

“Intesa Sanpaolo supports the Metamorfosi Project – comments Stefano Lucchini, chief Institutional Affairs and External Communication Officer of Intesa Sanpaolo – which gave birth to the Orchestra del Mare. The initiative speaks of new life chances: that of people who have undertaken a long journey at sea for a better future and those inmates who transform the wood of boats into musical instruments, which are also vectors of consolation and hope. The project, with its qualifying debut at La Scala, contributes to making society more open to hospitality, an element that Intesa Sanpaolo considers fundamental for the growth of the country”.

The evening is made possible thanks to: Intesa Sanpaolo, Cariplo Foundation, Peppino Vismara Foundation, Confcommercio, Santo Versace Foundation Ets Philanthropic Institution, Alberto and Franca Riva Foundation Philanthropic Institution, Foundation of the Community of Monza and Brianza Onlus, San Gennaro Foundation. Media partners of the evening are ViviMilano Corriere della Sera and Radio Classica. “It is a great joy to be a partner of the Orchestra del Mare event in support of the Metamorfosi project, which concerns issues very dear to us such as migration and detention – comment Santo Versace and Francesca De Stefano Versace, founders of the philanthropic body Fondazione Santo Versace -. Love towards others in difficulty and respect for the dignity of every human being are values ​​that guide and inspire us every day. Entrusting the task of transforming the wood of boats to people in prison is an extraordinary message of hope and a concrete opportunity for training and re-education”.

Finally, Giuseppe Fontana, president of the Community Foundation of Monza and Brianza, explains: “The Community Foundation of Monza and Brianza supports Metamorfosi, certain of its profound social value. Attending the debut of the Orchestra del Mare in the exceptional setting of the Teatro alla Scala it is a great emotion: each of these tools reminds us that an experience of suffering can correspond to a possibility of redemption. Experiences like this, for which we thank the Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti Foundation, push us to strengthen our commitment towards most fragile: promoting the well-being of the community by improving their quality of life is one of the main objectives that the Mb Foundation has been committed to achieving for over twenty years”.