Migrant decree, government towards stop to special protection

Sources of the majority: “The goal is to narrow the links of the temporary permit”. The opposition rises: “International obligations violated”

The government is preparing to abolish the institution of special protection for refugees. And it intends to do so with the approval of a majority amendment to the so-called Cutro Decree on the subject of migrants. This was confirmed today from Milan by the Northern League Undersecretary for the Interior, Nicola Molteni. “Our common goal is to prevent the just need to protect persecuted foreigners in their countries from turning, as happened with the yellow-red government and with Minister Lamorgese, into de facto amnesties for all illegal immigrants arriving in Italy
explain the signatories of the sub-amendment Pirovano, Lisei and Gasparri.

“The centre-right majority is cohesive in achieving the goal of canceling the so-called special protection, standardizing the discipline to the rest of Europe. The purpose of the amendment filed with the Cutro decree law is in fact to restrict the scope of the temporary permit, the use of which for various reasons it has expanded dramatically, creating an indiscriminate safeguard of illegal immigrants. In this way the all-Italian anomaly is overcome, with a common-sense norm that corresponds to the relative European reference norm”, sources from Fratelli d’ Italy.

The majority amendment “incorporates those of the League which give a squeeze to the special protection introduced by Minister Lamorgese and the left in 2020 – claim sources of the League -. It had become an amnesty, an immigration pull factor – they say -. The special protection has created overcrowding in courts and police stations and has not produced integration. We return to the Salvini decrees”, summarized by Carroccio.

The tightening provides for a crackdown also on the health reasons that tightened the shirts of the expulsions. The words ‘serious psychophysical conditions or conditions deriving from serious pathologies’ – currently in force in the 1998 legislative decree – are in fact replaced by the words ‘health conditions deriving from particularly serious pathologies, which cannot be adequately treated in the country of origin’. Therefore, if the pathology affecting a migrant is curable in the country from which he comes, this no longer becomes an obstacle to expulsion.

The proposed amendment also provides that those migrants who cannot be expelled will no longer be able to benefit from residence permits convertible into residence permits for work reasons. Sources of the majority ensure that the sub-amendment takes into account the remarks raised by the Quirinale on the hot days of the Cutro. And that the abolition of special protection is carried out in compliance with international conventions, so much so that, it is pointed out, the battle advocated by the League to suppress the reference to sexual orientation and gender identity among reasons of persecution for which expulsion or refoulement cannot be ordered, as envisaged in the past by the Salvini decrees.

THE OPPOSITION – A decision that inflames the opposition. “The government wants to remove the ‘special protection’ for migrants. The only result of a choice that follows Salvini’s will be to generate new homeless, irregular, new victims of exploitation. And then, of course, ride the fear. A real shame,” Pierfrancesco Majorino of the Pd secretariat attacks via Twitter. A rather unanimous dem chorus. denounces Senator Pd Franco Mirabelli – delivering them clandestinely to the black market and exploitation”. While my colleague Filippo Sensi attacks via social media: “We have just voted together in the Senate Commission on the special protection for Ukrainians that today the League – the day after – wakes up and thunders against the special protection. Subtext: the usual, we understand each other. Make peace with the brain: hypocrisy on people’s skin no, “he writes on Twitter.

From “inhumane, cruel and persecutory amendments to dl CutroGiuseppe De Cristofaro, leader of the Verdi and Sinistra Alliance and president of the Misto group at Palazzo Madama speaks. There is never an end to the worst: asylum seekers will remain indefinitely in temporary reception facilities, excluded from the Sai system – he adds – . They rewrote the reception system, restoring already declared unconstitutionaleven because violate international obligations. For those who ask for international protection, reception will become a mirage, the path ahead will be so difficult and full of obstacles. In short, the Cutro decree is an opprobrium, of dubious constitutionality and so indecent that it should be rewritten from scratch “, he concludes.