Migrant decree postponed to Wednesday in the Senate

This was established by the conference of group leaders. On dl Cutro “there will be no trust”

Sled see you tomorrow in the Senate Hall on the Migrants decree. This is what the conference of group leaders would have established. As regards the calendar of work in the Chamber, from 4.30 pm today there will be the discussion on the Ukraine decree, with the first votes. It has also been established that the hearing of the Minister for European Affairs Raffaele Fitto will take place next Wednesday, April 26, at a time to be defined.

The work of the first Commission of the Senate concluded around 12.30, where some of the almost 300 amendments filed on the Migrants decree were voted. President Alberto Balboni (Fdi) closed the session “since we have to go to the Giunta”. “The provision – he explained – is scheduled for the Chamber, if we resumed at 2 pm, until 4.30 pm there are no conditions to finish the vote and give the mandate to the rapporteur, given that in two days we have done about a third of the file of the sub-amendments”. “Having taken note of this data, I would communicate to the president of the Senate that we are not able to conclude the work by 4.30 pm”, explained Balboni. “The deadlines for amendments in the Chamber are reopened”, he had made it known.

On the Cutro decree “there will be no trust, tonight we will go to vote in the Senate, I don’t think it will be long. For now there are our amendments, let’s see Gasparri’s and I hope we can find a balance. The special protection is unique in world level, it does not exist anywhere else, it must be abolished”. To speak, a guest of Un Giorno da Pecora on Rai Radio1, the Northern League senator and undersecretary to the Prime Minister Morelli.

So these immigrants will be expelled? “Certain”. To do this you need money and agreements with the countries to which they should return. “It’s complicated but it has to be done. The first rule is to plug the hole, not letting the irregulars arrive. First of all we need to suspend the arrival of illegal immigrants and help the arrival of regular ones”.