Migrant shipwreck, Mattarella: “EU commitment against traffickers is essential”

“Another tragedy in the Mediterranean that cannot leave anyone indifferent, giving an adequate welcome to shipwrecked people”

The president of the Republic Sergio Mattarella he expressed his “sorrow for the shipwreck off the coast of Crotone, in which dozens of people lost their lives, including some children. Many of these migrants came from Afghanistan and Iran, fleeing extremely difficult conditions. It is a yet another Mediterranean tragedy that cannot leave anyone indifferent”. This is what we read in a statement released by the press office of the Quirinale.

“In expressing condolences for the victims, closeness to the shipwrecked -who must be given an adequate welcome- and thanks to the rescuers”, the President of the Republic “urges for a strong commitment from the international community to remove the underlying causes of the flows of migrants; wars, persecutions, terrorism, poverty, territories made inhospitable by climate change. It is equally essential that the European Union finally takes on the concrete responsibility of governing the migration phenomenon to remove it from human traffickers, directly engaging itself in migration policies , in supporting cooperation for the development of countries from which young people are forced to leave due to lack of prospects”.