Migrants, 45,664 landings in the last year: + 40.3%

Dossier of the Interior Ministry: 53.2%, arrived with autonomous landings. Asylum applications increased by 76.4%

45,664 migrants landed in Italy since the beginning of the year (1 January-11 August 2022), 40.36% more than the previous year, of which 6,070 unaccompanied minors. The number of smugglers arrested also increased in the same period (137), 41.24% more. These are the data contained in the dossier of the Interior Ministry, published on the occasion of the traditional meeting of the National Committee for public order and safety on 15 August. Of the total landings, 21,347 migrants rescued following SAR events (46.7%), of which 7,270 those recovered by NGOs (16%) and 24,317, 53.2%, arrived with autonomous landings. Libya (24,809), Tunisia (12,536) and Turkey (7,039) the main countries of origin of migrants. Lebanon, Algeria, Syria and Greece follow.

As for the legal access channels, four people arrived for resettlement, 977 through humanitarian corridors, 185 following humanitarian evacuations and 5,544 with Operation Aquila from Afghanistan. Also in the last eight months, there have been 3,955 repatriations.

As of 10 August, there are a total of 95,184 migrants in reception in Italy, 23.9% more than on 10 August last year: 682 are in hotspots, 63,570 in reception centers and 30,932 in the Sai.

72,423 asylum applications were submitted in the last year, 76.4% more than the previous year (41,052). In total, 57,558 applications were examined, 13,681 more. There are 5,770 asylum requests from Afghan citizens, with an increase of 598% compared to the previous year. On the other hand, 2653 asylum requests are submitted by Ukrainian citizens, 396% more. As of July 31, 2022, 149,321 temporary protection permits have been issued. The residence permits issued in the last year increased 1,732,128 compared to 1,478,994: 459,632 for subordinate work, 72,351 for self-employment, 644,651 for family reunification, 555,494 for study permits.

” In this period we record an increase in migratory flows and the commitment on the part of those who work at sea is considerable ”, said Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese during the streaming link from the Viminale with the patrol boat of the Gdf P02 Monte Cimone working in the Lampedusa area. ” In Lampedusa we had a meeting to try to address together with the local authorities the immigration problem that the island experiences more than other realities because the arrivals, especially the autonomous ones, fill the hot spot with presences that go even further as many as possible. And this is why we are all committed to trying to make transfers in the area easier and free the center and make the situation manageable ”, she added.