Migrants, a child is born on the Geo Barents ship

“In need of immediate specialist medical attention”

Blue bow on the Geo Barents. In the medical clinic of the Doctors Without Borders ship, Fatima became a mother again. For the fourth time. She had fled from Libya on board a boat, along with 89 other people. She with her three children and the hope of a new life. “The difficult journey, harsh conditions, extreme stress and severe dehydration triggered her labour,” MSF rescuers explain. with her”. Once on board the Geo Barents the medical team immediately took care of her. Now, however, her condition is critical.

“She requires immediate specialist medical attention,” say the MSF crew who have asked the Maltese and Italian authorities to organize an urgent medical evacuation for her, her four children and another nine-month pregnant woman. “We are calling for an urgent and immediate medical evacuation for all those people in need of specialist medical care, which cannot be provided on board our ship,” they said. There are now 255 people on the Geo Barents. Over 80 are unaccompanied minors. Among them was a 10-year-old boy. “He told us through tears that his brother was unable to leave Libya and embark on his dinghy”.