Migrants, Antonio Tajani today in Paris: Macron’s openings but the climate remains tense

The Vice President of the Council and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Antonio Tajani will be in Paris this evening to meet the French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna. On the sidelines, the two Ministers will hold a joint press conference. “As President Macron also recognised, regarding the migratory emergency there is a duty of European solidarity, because the emergency that our country is experiencing is a European emergency, not just an Italian one”, observed the deputy prime minister.

Very intense relations between France and Italy

In underlining the importance of the visit, Tajani recalled that “Italy and France have very intense relations, now also strengthened by the Quirinale Treaty: the interdependencies between our countries – Italy is France’s second commercial partner, and vice versa – mean that we must work to make them even deeper and more structured, further strengthening trade, which reached 111 billion euros in 2022, and investments”.

Tajani: “a European solution is needed”

“We are insisting on the need for a European solution” to stem the migrant emergency. This was said by Antonio Tajani, Foreign Minister. “Macron’s words are welcome”, explained the deputy prime minister, commenting on the words of the French president and reiterating the need for a common line in Europe.