Migrants, boat sinks off Syria: 81 dead

A balance that rises hour after hour. At least 81 migrants died in the shipwreck that took place yesterday afternoon between the Lebanese and Syrian coasts. They are mainly women and children and according to the National Observatory for Human Rights in Syria the number of missing persons is high and the number of victims is destined to increase further.

Twenty survivors transported to the hospital

It is estimated that 150 people, mostly families made up of women, children and adolescents, were crammed onto the shipwrecked boat off the Syrian city of Tartus. In a note by the Syrian Minister of Health, Hassan al-Ghabash, it is reported that 20 survivors were transported to the hospital in the port of Tartus, a Mediterranean coastal city a few tens of kilometers from the border with Lebanon. The migrants had left Lebanon. “According to the survivors, their boat left Lebanon days ago,” said the head of Syrian ports, Samer Kbrasli. According to the Damascus authorities, information gathered by survivors suggests that the boat sailed from Miniyeh, a town just north of the Lebanese port of Tripoli. Some local fishermen intervened in the rescue operations. No details were disclosed on the reasons for the sinking.