Migrants, Bonaccini: “It’s an emergency, there is a risk of tent cities in the city”

“We have arrivals that have tripled”

“It’s a migrant emergency, there is the risk of tent cities in the cities“. To tell the president of Emilia Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini to ‘The Prince’s meetings’. “It’s a serious problem. There is a real emergency which is quite denied by the news, while it has been the first news for years with other governments… but I’m interested in how to solve problems. We have arrivals that have tripled and, therefore, at least, since they said ‘ports closed’ they should admit that now that they are in government not only have things not been resolved, but they are actually getting worse. And if the approach is to deny the problem it is evident that it is more difficult to find solutions. We need a conference of the regions and we need a meeting with the government soon, otherwise we risk a problematic season”. “Let the regions and municipalities get involved. You can’t unload everything on the prefects and mayors as is being done” she warns.


“Renzi is wrong on the minimum wage. I found the way we moved intelligent, Elly Schlein and the Democratic Party have expanded. So much so that Giorgia Meloni has met with the opposition. Why did she do it? Because she understood that many center-right voters in the country do not want keep this exploitation going,” he says. “Now the problem is all at home in the government. Meloni went to the meeting or now let’s see if she can find a solution given the positions held so far by the center-right on the minimum wage”.


“I don’t consider Meloni a fascist and I don’t see the risk of a return of fascism,” says the governor of Emilia Romagna. “Certainly around you there are some figures who have some problems with settling accounts with their own history. In which country can there be the second office of state that is proud to have the trophies of Mussolini and the fascists at home? “.


Could the ‘moderates’ of the Democratic Party be attracted by Matteo Renzi’s Centre? “From the Democratic Party to make me leave, they have to throw cannon fire at me – Bonaccini assures -. If I had to leave the Democratic Party, I would leave politics. I hope that Renzi never goes to the right”. “I’ve never asked for anything”, does the Pd “do you believe that Bonaccini can still be useful? If he thinks so, we discuss it and evaluate where Bonaccini can be more useful” he says about a hypothesis of his candidacy for the European elections.


“It doesn’t worry me that we try to have an alliance, if we find an agreement on the program, even with the 5 Stars, but it worries me if we only look towards the 5 Stars” points out Bonaccini. “It would be a problem because in this country there is a part of people who will never define themselves as left wingers but to vote for a right wing like this we don’t necessarily find them. But if you make them feel away from home, if you talk to them about the Democratic Party or the centre-left, they either stay at home or throw themselves on the other side”. “You need to be able to collect even a moderate vote on the basis of an overall proposal”.


“Minister Crosetto did well. I don’t want to burn Vannacci but if someone like Vannacci can say certain bestiality, he can do it thanks to what happened 80 years ago and do it without going to the stake” concludes Bonaccini.