Migrants, Casarini: “Enough propaganda, no human tide”

The head of mission of Mediterranea Saving humans: “In Germany 30% of asylum seekers arrived in the EU, 8.4% in Italy”. Tajani? “You study the material before saying absurd things”

“Enough propaganda. This story that Italy is the only one to take charge of the refugees is a hoax. In 2021, according to Eurostat data, Germany alone received a third, about 30 percent, of asylum seekers who arrived in the EU, France almost a fifth (19.1 percent), Spain 10.4 percent. hundred. Italy is just in fourth place in this ranking: with 8.4 percent “. Luca Casarini, head of mission of Mediterranea Saving humans, told Adnkronos, specifying that these are” data for 2021 “, to which in ‘current year will be added “also the Ukrainian refugees, who have mostly headed to Eastern countries, in particular to Poland and Romania, poorer nations and, therefore, certainly more in difficulty than us”.

For Casarini there is “no ‘human tide'” arriving in Italy. “In ten years, from 2011 to 2021, 800 thousand migrants arrived from the Mediterranean, with an average of 80 thousand a year – he says -. A derisory figure, if you consider that fifteen years ago the foreign resident population increased at the rate of 300 thousand people. The 2022 Idos dossier, based on data from the Ministry of the Interior, reaffirms once again that Italy is no longer a country of immigration. And it has not been for several years now “.

As for the words of the Foreign Minister who yesterday addressed the issue of NGO ships during a meeting with his German counterpart, Casarini is very hard: “Tajaniin a ridiculous attempt to climb mirrors, he says absurd things and that reveal that the minister he absolutely does not know what he is talking about. Maybe you are looking for some other topic to buy time “, he replies to Tajani’s request to” tell us who is on board, how many are, where they come from, we need a complete report on the people, this is about national security “.

“The authorities, including the Italian ones, always have on board information on the number of people rescued, their origin and family composition, their state of health – specifies Casarini -. There are some forms of the Italian Coast Guard that we have on board. specifically for this. Each rescue is numbered, with the exact position on where it took place “. Then the invitation: “Tajani maybe at least try to study the subject a little. I recommend the UNHCR ‘guidelines’ on rescue operations involving refugees and asylum seekers, also protected by the Geneva Convention, or better still the reading of the national Sar Plan produced by the General Command of the Port Authorities. If he read – concludes the head of mission of Mediterranea Saving Humans – would realize that what they are doing, he, Piantedosi, Meloni and Salvini, is a serious crime, as well as an inhuman and cynical act. But maybe it will take the Courts to make him study the matter … “.