Migrants, CDM Thursday in Cutro for ‘crushing’ on smugglers

Meloni ‘blind’ team, but stop making missteps

More severe penalties for smugglers, but not only. In the Council of Ministers to be held in Cutro next Thursday “there will be fat”, government sources assure, that is to say “the first piece, the beginning of an articulated and long-term path” to deal with the migrant emergency, one step after another. In the small town of just 10,000 inhabitants in the Crotone area, where a massacre that was destined to go down in the history of the country took place, the entire government will arrive on Thursday, including Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi who will rush back from Brussels (the meeting is on the agenda of interior ministers, ed.) for being there.

His is a presence that cannot be missed, after days of controversy that have led Palazzo Chigi to flatly deny a meeting during the day with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who has decided, according to some rumors, to ‘commission’ the head of the Interior Ministry, who ended up in eye of the storm for his statements on a tragedy in which more than 70 people lost their lives: there would be “no differences on the internal line of the government on immigration”, they assure from the executive headquarters.

Piantedosi, meanwhile, is expected to test in the Chamber tomorrow: he will report to Montecitorio on what happened in Cutro – in the hemicycle, barring changes to plans during the course, the premier’s presence is not expected at the moment – and he will reply on Wednesday at Palazzo Madama. The climate promises to be hot, with the opposition on a war footing, ready to clamor for a step back by the minister. But there is not even the shadow of resignation, just as there is no trace of the Prime Minister’s requests for a step back: “Net of this affair, for Meloni the team cannot be touched: one of his the objective is not to change any pawn, between now and the end of the race”, assures a loyalist of the premier to Adnkronos.

Meloni wants to bring the face of a compact government to Cutro, with a symbolic gesture but also with concrete measures, where the greater specific weight – in these hours the discussion on the provision to be launched between the various ministries concerned is open, under the direction of P .Chigi- will really have the lunge on the ‘traffickers of human lives’, starting with an increase in penalties. The CDM will take place in the afternoon at the town hall, followed by a moment in which homage will be paid to the victims. Also to cancel the slip-ups of the past few days, as well as the accusations of absence which the government has been singled out in a controversy which, days later, shows no sign of dying down.

Meanwhile, from Potenza, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella has once again made his voice heard, asking that the condolences for a massacre that “moved the whole country” be translated “in concrete operational choices on the part of all”, of the Italy but also of Europe. A warning that Meloni is ready to accept, marking a change of pace starting from Thursday’s CDM, returning the accusations of absences and excessive silence to the sender. And avoiding new slips by members of its majority, starting right from Piantedosi, overwhelmed by the controversy for having argued, a few hours after the tragedy, that “despair can never justify travel conditions that endanger the lives of one’s children” .

Words light years away from those pronounced today by the Head of State, who, recalling the desperate images of Kabul airport just two years ago, where Afghan refugees begged for a ride on the runway even clinging to the planes ready to take off in order to fleeing, he recalled those frames to “understand why entire families try to leave their land to look for a future elsewhere”. Thursday Meloni will have to try to revive the image of a government that has come out dented since the Cutro massacre. And if it is true that the “team cannot be touched”, certainly new stumbling blocks are not allowed