Migrants, Coast Guard: “Around 2,000 people saved since Friday”

Two boats in difficulty off the Ionian coast

There are many rescues carried out in these holidays by the Italian Coast Guard, which is operating in different scenarios, including off the island of Lampedusa and in the Ionian Sea. In the rescue operations, from Friday to today, around 2,000 migrants have been rescued. Added to these are the still ongoing rescue efforts coordinated by the National Maritime Rescue Center of the Coast Guard in favor of a fishing boat with about 800 migrants on board, intercepted over 120 miles south-east of Syracuse, in Italian SAR waters.

The rescue, made complex due to the overload of migrants on board, is taking place in these hours. The operations at sea are coordinated by Nave Peluso of the Coast Guard with the support of three SAR class 300 patrol boats of the Coast Guard and the assistance of a merchant ship present in the area.

About 400, however, the migrants present on board a second fishing boat, also reported by Alarm Phone and intercepted by the Diciotti ship of the Coast Guard, currently in the Italian Sar area about 170 miles southeast of Capo Passero, off the coast of Calabria ionic. The vessel is currently carrying out rescue operations. On site two merchant units in assistance. Coast Guard and Frontex aircraft also support the search and rescue operations at sea these days.