Migrants, common front Pd + Europe: Democrats sign pdl ‘I was a foreigner’

Bonafè: “Overcoming the Bossi-Fini”. Schlein also signs. Magi: “Now let other oppositions join”

The Democratic Party joins forces with +Europe on immigration and, with secretary Elly Schlein in the lead, signs the popular initiative bill ‘I was a foreigner’ filed by the secretary Riccardo Magi.

“A new law that has the objective of overcome the Bossi-Fini and allow our country to have new regulations capable of adopting a system of legal entries for work reasons and, under certain conditions, regularizing foreigners already present can no longer be postponed”, declares the deputy leader of the Democratic Party in the Chamber, Simona Bonafè. “For this – she explains – as members of the Constitutional Affairs commission of the Democratic Party together with the secretary Elly Schlein and we signed up to the parent company Debora Serracchiani the proposal presented by the honorable Riccardo Magi who resubmitted the popular initiative law of the ‘I was a foreigner’ campaign. Tomorrow’s commission will also examine the League’s proposal, which aims to reintroduce the safety decrees wanted by Salvini, which we consider a dangerous step backwards after the changes introduced in the last legislature.

A choice welcomed with enthusiasm by Magi: “I want to thank the Democratic Party and the secretary Elly Schlein for signing the ‘I was a foreigner’ bill. I hope that the other oppositions also sign this bill – he urges – because it is essential to join forces to cancel a law that has caused disasters, illegality and marginality and finally guarantee legal and safe ways of accessing our country for people fleeing hunger and poverty. But also – underlines Magi – to satisfy a need that comes from the productive world of our country. And, above all, to respond to the request for concreteness made to the political forces by President Mattarella on the issue of immigration”, concludes the +Europe secretary.