Migrants, Crosetto: “Without development in Africa, tens of thousands a day towards Europe”

The defense minister’s warning: “We need to create development. For the first time, selfish reasoning moves towards the growth of someone who is outside”

Tens of thousands of people a day who will try to get there” in Europe if the conditions for the development of Africa are not created. This is the scenario designed by Defense Minister Guido Crosetto at the Confcommercio Forum in Rome.

“One of the fundamental turning points of this century . Crosetto articulated . will be the relationship with the southern hemisphere, as far as Europe is concerned it will be the relationship with Africa. I am convinced that there is no future for Europe disconnected from the future of Africa if only because we are talking about a continent that will come to 2.5 billion people in 25 yearswe are talking about a continent where economic growth is not foreseen, where climate change disasters are foreseen and therefore the sum of these factors can only be a destructive sum not only for Africa, but also for Europe because the day that one and a half billion people will not be able to live in Africa, they will turn to the nearest and richest part of the worldto”.

“Then it becomes myopic for the West – he warned – don’t look at how to avoid this scenario dramatic and how not to look at Africa as an opportunity” added Crosetto.

“And I’m not talking about the opportunity, as it has been in recent centuries, of a place to go and plunder – continued Crosetto – but a place in which to trigger economic development. So the start of economic development necessarily takes place with the creation of security bubbles, peace bubbles, but we can’t stop at this, because if in these bubbles we don’t trigger economic growth, agricultural growth, education, health, culture – and I’m not saying westernization, because the mistake of the West is to want to import their culture -; if we don’t trigger a growth path of economic development which they will then manage with the democratic model they prefer, every year we weaken a part of the West. The European one of being able to survive in the coming decades. This is why I think it’s important to start thinking about it, because we don’t have to limit ourselves to weighing tomorrow but the day after tomorrow.

“We must try to understand the external conditions because by now the conditions for survival and growth of Europe and of our country do not depend only on what happens within national borders but increasingly on a bond that places us side by side with countries that they seem distant but which can represent for us points of greater growth – he added – So a Europe and a West that is not short-sighted is a West that helps to grow the continent that more than any other in the coming years can grow even if it thinks selfishly of itself , it is the first time that a selfish reasoning passes towards the growth of someone who is outside” concluded the minister.