Migrants Cutro, P. Chigi: “Relocation of survivors underway as per Government commitments”

There are 76 applicants for international protection, 18 in Italy

The operations for the relocation of the survivors of the shipwreck that took place in Cutro on the night between 25 and 26 February are proceeding in compliance with the commitments made by the Government. A note from Palazzo Chigi reports it. According to the information gathered by the Ministry of the Interior, there are 76 applicants for international protection – the statement explains -: 18 have requested it from Italy (15 of Pakistani nationality, 2 of Afghan nationality and 1 of Iranian nationality) and are currently hosted in reception and integration system centers (Sai); 5 unaccompanied foreign minors are placed in facilities for minors.

The 53 applicants for international protection in countries other than Italy (49 Afghans, 2 Syrians, an Iranian, a Somali) joined the voluntary relocation program and of these 53, 14 left voluntarily. The position of another 39 people was examined by the German authorities, who admitted 33 people to the relocation program (29 Afghans, 2 Syrians, a Somali, an Iranian), 32 of whom left for Germany on 31 March, while a person of Afghan nationality will subsequently leave due to the need for further medical treatment. One has refused to be transferred to Germany as she intends to be reunited with a close relative in Ireland.

After the meeting at Palazzo Chigi of the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, with the survivors and relatives of the victims, the requests were examined, brought to the attention of the European institutions and partners, and the commitments made by the Government – concludes the note – have been respected.