Migrants decree, government changes in the Senate: oppositions on the barricades

Piantedosi: “A balance must be found on special protection”

The discussion on the migrant decree reopens in the Senate, in the Constitutional Affairs Commission, the so-called Dl Cutro born with the CDM away after the shipwreck in which over 100 people lost their lives in the waters of Calabria.

The majority presents the amendments to the decree, from 12 in the first Commission, also relating to the debated topic of special protection. A move shared by the center-right which could see the League renounce its amendments, currently on stand-by.

On the tightening foreseen by the government, it is open clash with the opposition, who have made it known that they will clearly oppose the measures envisaged by the government. Meanwhile, the mayors of the Democratic Party, starting from Milan, Rome and Bologna, are also asking the executive to withdraw the rules. Even the governors of 4 centre-left-led regions they did know that they will not sign the agreement on the emergency commissioner
arrived yesterday with the appointment of the prefect Valenti.

“On Special Protection – said the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi – I am convinced that the parliamentary work will be able to find the right point of balance between respecting the obligations of a humanitarian and constitutional nature and not demeaning the high value of an institution transforming it into a surreptitious mechanism of circumvention of access to stay in the national territory. This point of equilibrium must be found”.