Migrants decree, the government places its trust in the Chamber: today the vote

In Montecitorio, the explanations of vote on confidence in the so-called flow decree are held today from 4pm, while the vote of confidence is scheduled for 5.30pm. Thursday then the final vote on the measure. Yesterday the constitutionality rulings to the legislative decree were rejected. But the opposition continues to criticize the text

The government has asked the House the question of confidence in the migrant decree. The declarations of vote on confidence in the so-called flow decree in Montecitorio are held today from 4 pm, while the vote of confidence is scheduled for 5.30 pm (THE MIGRANT SPECIAL). The explanations of vote and the vote on the agendas will be held tomorrow morning from 9 to 13. From 13 to 14.30, there will be explanations of vote and the final vote on the measure. Yesterday the Chamber had rejected the preliminary rulings on the constitutionality of the legislative decree presented by Avs, Pd and M5s.

The opposition protests

The decree continues to arouse strong criticism from the opposition. Andrea Quartini, group leader of the 5 Star Movement in the Social Affairs Commission in the Chamber, said: “The Cutro decree worries us for several reasons. The central point on which we should really discuss is that once again we are intervening in an emergency and not in structural terms. We continue to work only on emergencies. Why? The feeling is that there is always, around the migratory phenomenon, an obsessive need to make propaganda, because demagoguery pays off. This is an inhumane attitude, because no one in this world is illegal. Instead, the phenomenon must be tackled at a structural level, in Europe”. Laura Boldrini (Pd), speaking in the general discussion, defined the decree “a set of measures bundled together that aim at everything except to prevent the repetition of tragedies like the one that took place on February 26, 2023 in Cutro”. the deputy Mauro Berruto adds to the majority: “You went to Cutro to produce a legislative text that restricts the guarantees of asylum seekers and the rights of migrants. You propose, in order to stem the migratory flows, to weaken the special protection, thus throwing tens of thousands of people into a state of irregularity. Denied the evidence of history, the reasons for emigration: war, indigence, misery, to which climate emigration is added today”.