Migrants decree, the government tightens the grip. Today summit at the Interior Ministry

In the afternoon, the examination of the legislative decree resumes in the Constitutional Affairs Committee in the Senate. A meeting was scheduled shortly beforehand to take stock of the amendments by the executive, which aims to lock down the rules. A greater limitation of the special protection is thought of

While the wave of migrant arrivals continues in the Mediterranean, the Italian government is working to tighten the rules now in force on immigration, in particular on the special protection that acts on asylum seekers and on the repatriation of illegal immigrants, so that they are a real deterrent against the arrival of migrants in Italy. The executive has already announced its intention to present its own amendments to the decree passed after the shipwreck of Cutro (THE MIGRANT SPECIAL). Today around 2.30 pm at the Viminale a meeting is scheduled between the undersecretary Nicola Molteni, the majority group leaders, the president of the first commission of the Senate, Alberto Balboni and the rapporteur Andrea De Priamo. No steps backwards, at the moment, nor generic reformulations of the text.

The government plan

Instead, the executive would aim to strengthen the squeeze announced by Prime Minister Meloni after the Calabrian tragedy in which 93 people died, shared by the League and openly claimed by Minister Matteo Piantedosi. And he chooses to do so through amendments bearing the signature of the government – all, not just a part – perhaps also to give a signal of unity of the majority beyond national borders. After the confrontation at the Viminale, the word will pass – at 6 pm – to the Constitutional Affairs commission of the Senate. Molteni has already explained that the new amendments will serve “to address the further issues that have emerged after the issuance of the decree, taking into account the particular importance of the migratory flow in progress”. As sources close to those following the dossier report, there will be few corrections to the decree, almost surgical, but capable of reinforcing the ‘stop departures’ line and the fight against smugglers. All the more reason with the increase in small boats on the Italian coasts in recent days, and which will not stop in the coming months.

The amendments and what the opposition say

The oppositions, lined up in the Senate with a hundred amendments and protagonists of a protest, days ago, against a reformulation of the government introduced to guarantee the repatriation of illegally arrived migrants, in exchange for greater shares of the decree on flows with countries interested. At first glance, the government’s amendments would seem to conflict with those already proposed by the League (21 in all and which the former Carroccio does not intend to withdraw). In reality, the bulk of the Lega-branded changes will not be touched – multiple sources assure – but they will be filed from a technical-formal point of view and put in order. For example, the limitations for obtaining special protection will remain but probably, in some cases, they will be stricter than today. On the other hand, the League’s proposal to create a mission structure, called its own ‘Structure’ and active in the Ministry of the Interior “with consultative and guiding tasks” for the integration of migrants, could fail. The risk – we reason in majority circles – is that it is redundant with respect to what already exists and works. Just as it may not be necessary to adjust the extension of detention times within the CPR. The League is asking for it, going from the current 90 days which can be extended by another 30, to 180 days which can be extended by 30.