Migrants, EU agreement found. Meloni: “Our line has passed.” Today the summit in Granada

On the eve of the summit of the European Political Community, which is being held today in Granada, the EU has reached an agreement on the regulation of migratory crises. The downgrading of the point regarding NGOs, a battleground between Rome and Berlin, is decisive. “Our line has passed: the German amendment has been withdrawn”, underlined Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. And German Chancellor Scholz defined the agreement as “a historic turning point” (THE MIGRANTS SPECIAL).

The new agreement

The agreement arrived at the meeting of permanent representatives in Brussels. The new text maintains the point which says that humanitarian aid is excluded from cases of exploitation of migration, but downgrades it from the actual article to the ‘recitals’. The text is thus very similar to the previous one in the compromise presented by the Spanish presidency last Thursday to the Internal Affairs Council. “The German amendment was a step backwards”, reiterated the Prime Minister, also referring to the declarations of the Med 9 summit in Malta, where she had received Paris’ support on migration. “The agreement was a success for Italy, now it can be accelerated”, underlined Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani.

You still arrive in Lampedusa

Meanwhile, the arrivals in Lampedusa do not stop. Forty-six migrants, originally from Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Syria, landed on the island overnight. The group, after an initial health triage, was taken to the hotspot in the Imbriacola district where, at the moment, there are 125 guests. Yesterday, at the disposal of the Prefecture of Agrigento, a total of 440 people were transferred.