Migrants, EU Commission to Meloni: “We will find a solution on smugglers and repatriations”

The European Commission has responded to the letter that Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni sent to Brussels. This was communicated by a spokeswoman for the EU executive. The letter acknowledges the need to find long-term solutions to the migration problem, “in line with the Commission President’s message before the February Council”, to renew efforts to reach an agreement on the Migration Pact and to give operational responses”. “Migration”, explains the EU Commission, “must be tackled with a holistic approach, fighting traffickers, implementing repatriations for those who have no right to stay, but also offering clear paths for safe and legal”.

“Life at sea must always be saved”

“We completely agree that action needs to be taken and that’s why the President of the Commission spoke about redoubling efforts to adopt the Pact on Migration and the implementation of the Action Plan on the Central Mediterranean Route,” he had already anticipated the spokeswoman. According to the Commission, “if we do not address the underlying causes of migration, we will find ourselves faced with other tragedies”: lives at sea “must always be saved”, regardless of the reasons that led to the origin of the research events and relief, which are organized by member states, the spokeswoman reiterated.