Migrants, Fedez and ‘his’ NGO ship? Sos Med: “Gifts to Ocean Viking”

The rapper’s provocation: “I want to see how much a ship costs, I want to put my face on it…”

“I promise I’ll come. I want to see how much a ship costs, I want to put my face on it… and make it pillowcase so people get scared.” Seriously, it must be a tough experience”. Fedez hosts Cecilia Strada in the Muschio Selvaggio podcast. We talk about migrants, the commitment of NGOs and the rapper, as well as announcing his willingness to board the ResQ ship, with a joke he hypothesizes the own direct commitment with a ship. “You need to have time to understand how the situation is going and expose yourself to take insults from the haters… However, it is not impossible to find people who support. Last year Roger Waters wrote to us, who donated 50,000 dollars to us for a rescue mission,” says Cecilia Strada.

Fedez’s words do not go unnoticed. Sos Mediterranee welcomes the rapper’s intention to buy a ship to rescue migrants at sea as good news.

“Whoever donates does a good thing – Francesco Creazzo, of Sos Mediterranee tells Adnkronos – It’s not up to us to judge what Fedez’s intentions are, but if he really wants to finance a rescue and research ship, we are available to explain to him how to do it or, if you want, you can also support Ocean Viking who have years and years of experience”.