Migrants, Ferrando (Pcl): “The Soumahoro case? He subordinates himself to Pd and there is an air of racism on the right”

“Now the Pope is also waving to the left, but let’s forget it!”

The Soumahoro case is the unwelcome and racist result of the subordination of the Italian Left to the Democratic Party. Marco Ferrando, national spokesman of the Communist Workers’ Party and Italian contact person for the Coordination for the Refoundation of the Fourth International, speaking with Adnkronos of the affair in which Marie Therese Mukamitsindo, mother-in-law of the deputy of the Green and Left Alliance Aboubakar Soumahoro is being investigated, does not discounts neither to the left “which has identified Soumahoro as a useful candidate, from an image point of view, to cover a subordinate political line towards the liberal Pd”, nor to the right “which uses the case of a black man like Soumahoro to ultimately identify all the battles of the left in defense of migrants and against the security decree as dirty and for profit”.

There is therefore “a racist background” and “a damage triggered by an opportunistic choice that falls on everyone – denounces the politician – Now the left has been reduced to waving even the Pope’s flag (which Soumahoro received two years ago in occasion of the general audience on May 1 – ed.). But never mind – he exclaims – We who are communists do not like appeals to the Pope. And in any case, Bergoglio too has made his own image policy, like Soumahoro who approached the Pope”.

“Each left behaves in accordance with its nature and the logic of its policy – he explains – Soumahoro has been identified as a useful candidate, from the point of view of the image, to cover a subordinate political line towards the Democratic Party therefore exposed to the accident , because it is completely clear that the nature of the candidacy and the role of the person do not correspond to the banner that in some way it should have embodied. The Italian Left – he continues – has made an unnatural alliance with the Democratic Party, judged as such even by a significant part of its militant base of members and voters, and wanted in some way to compensate for the difficulty also of explaining and presenting in its world the alliance with the liberal Pd party with candidacies that, from the point of view of image, were symbols of battles of justice and democracy and social change”.

The national spokesman of the Communist Workers’ Party then looks to the right and to the “most unpleasant consequence of the opportunism of the Italian Left which is today the improper use of this sad story by a right-wing, but also liberal, political grouping which uses the Soumahoro case to definitively identify all these valuable and sacrosanct battles in defense of migrants and against the security decree as dirty, with a profit motive”.

“Among other things, since the protagonist of the scandal is a black trade unionist engaged in the battle against migrants, the case is doubly used to demean the issue”, seasoned with a “racist background, present in the narrative of the right which identifies migrants as people to be wary of, not to claim rights. Two weights and two measures – the politician insists – if one looks at other figures who exercise the role of Minister”.

And to conclude “it seems that the condition of inhumane treatment of migrants was discovered through the keyhole of the Latina cooperative, when instead – remarked the spokesman of the Communist Party of Workers – it is unfortunately the general rule, far from an exception “. (by Roberta Lanzara)