Migrants, fever among 179 on Humanity 1

On-board doctor: “Covid tests negative”. Among the castaways also a 7-month-old baby boy

Health conditions deteriorate between the 179 shipwrecked aboard Humanity 1. A fever is spreading among the migrants, rescued between 22 and 24 October last in the central Mediterranean in three different operations. “Their mental and physical health is deterioratingMany have a fever due to the low temperatures of the night. The Covid tests are all negative “, says Silvia, the doctor on board. Already 17 requests sent by the captain to the competent authorities for the assignment of a port of disembarkation. All have remained unsuccessful so far.” I am also very worried about the forecasts weather – adds Silvia -. The fact that adults and unaccompanied minors share such a small space could greatly worsen their conditions in the coming days. ”

It is the minors who suffer the most. Over 100 those who made the journey alone. The youngest castaway is a seven month old baby. “Everyone has experienced traumatic events in their countries of origin, in Libya and during the crossing at sea”, explain the NGO. The horror marks they left behind carry them on the body. “They have scars from gunshots and knives,” explains Luca, the on-board psychologist who, together with the rest of the crew, takes care of them. To the rescuers of the German NGO, some told of having seen drowning the night before the rescue of family and friends, who fell into the water from the overloaded dinghy. At least you’re the missing. “Survivors suffer from insomnia, have confused thoughts and signs of dissociation. They need to disembark now.”