Migrants, Fini on the naval blockade: “Election campaign propaganda”

For the former president of the Chamber “politics should make a broader reasoning than this type of daily joke”. And again: “The law that bears my signature and that of Bossi must be changed”

The naval blockade? Just propaganda. And the Bossi-Fini law on immigration must be changed. It was the former president of the Chamber Gianfranco Fini who said this in an interview given to Everyday occurrence. “The law that bears my signature and that of Bossi must be changed”, said the former president of the Chamber. “Bossi-Fini had the same approach as Turco-Napolitano: the economic migrant has the right to permission only if he has an employment contract. Twenty years later the entire international panorama has changed and the migratory phenomenon has transformed. Today it concerns hundreds of thousands of people and is due to major economic-social factors”.

“We need broader reasoning from politics”

“When my law was approved – Fini continues – only very few people asked for asylum. We need to act in a supranational context. My law provided for regular entry quotas: it led to an amnesty for hundreds of thousands of migrants. This is the model to follow”. “Politics – he continues – should make a broader reasoning than the daily joke of the naval blockade typical of an electoral campaign”.

“Salvini’s statements are worthy of a rally”

Furthermore, as long as “we continue to think according to the logic of the national states, a solution will not be found. Nobody wants to take part in the migrants. The campaign remains permanent in view of the European elections. Forms of xenophobia and social unrest will grow”. Giorgia Meloni, according to Fini, “is doing her best and is getting her best at the European level. Just look at the relationship with von der Leyen. Salvini? The government is not divided. But Salvini’s is a rally, a tweet: they are statements excessive typical of the electoral campaign. But then he doesn’t think about creating a government crisis.”