Migrants: former mayor Lampedusa, ‘NGO? They fill empty states “

Hammer disappointed by words Melons. “There is a lack of political will to find structural solutions and there is only talk of an emergency. Block them at sea? Impossible”

“Nothing new under the sun. Always the same propaganda”. In the aftermath of the programmatic declarations of the neo premier Giorgia Meloni on the subject of migrants, the former mayor of Lampedusa, Totò Martello, does not hide its disappointment. “We always make the same mistake – he says to Adnkronos -. Meloni’s speech does not address the phenomenon of migration but once again only theemergency. It is clear that there is a lack of political will to find structural solutions. “In recent days, the largest of the Pelagie landings. And with the living come the dead too. The last in order of time, yesterday were the corpses of two twins newborns, victims of yet another journey of hope aboard an overloaded sea cart intercepted by the men of the Port Authority.

“Here the landings continue in the total silence of the government – underlines Martello -. Daily arrivals with the Favaloro pier once again filled with small boats and the patrol boats of the Coast Guard and the Guardia di Finanza engaged day and night in the rescue. Faced with this scenario, yes. he continues to talk about unattainable things, blocking them at sea is an impracticable hypothesis “. For the former mayor, today leader of the Democratic Party in Lampedusa “the first thing to do is to put all the coastal countries of the Mediterranean to stop the deaths at sea. We need legal access routes and agreements with countries on the other side of the Mediterranean “. Because, according to Martello’s thesis,” if you block the flow from Tunisia they will come from Morocco, if you block the flow from Morocco they will leave Libya and then again. Egypt. Without a European policy that looks to African nations we will continue to witness tragedies and uncontrolled flows “.

“We need a plan inspired by the ‘Global Compact for Migration‘, the United Nations document that indicates the principles for an’ orderly, regular and safe ‘migration – says Martello -. Make arrangements to let people in regularly. The rest is just propaganda. “And the tightening against NGOs?” The humanitarian ships have filled a void, the absence of states in a Mediterranean left unattended and in which people continue to die, often without witnesses. If you want to wage war on NGOs you have to replace them at sea, return to rescue missions coordinated by the States “. (By Rossana Lo Castro)