Migrants, France: “Bad gesture from Italy but cooperation goes on”

The Italian management of the Ocean Viking case was “a bad gesture”, “the important thing is to continue cooperation and not stop there”: to say it is the entourage of President Emmanuel Macron, who underlined how “the people landed at Toulon will be deducted from the number we welcome this year” as part of the solidarity mechanism “with Italy”. Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Interior in Paris has announced that of the 234 shipwrecked people landed in Toulon, 123 are subject to “refusal of entry” in France (THE MIGRANT SPECIAL).

“Working together to find solutions”

Sources close to the French president, according to reports from Ansa, underlined how “we must work together to find effective solutions for immigration”. To then add: “Simply, what is very clear, is that the people we have welcomed will be deducted from the relocation within the framework of the agreements we have with Italy”. EU interior ministers will meet on 25 November in Brussels to discuss migration policy after the Franco-Italian crisis.

France denies entry to 123 out of 234 migrants

Meanwhile, as mentioned, 123 of the 234 shipwrecked people landed in Toulon from the Ocean Viking humanitarian ship are subject to a “refusal of entry” in France. To say it is the Ministry of the Interior of Paris.

Piantedosi: “The dream of migrants should not be managed by traffickers”

The Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Piantedosi, also returned to speak on the issue of migrants: “The migratory dream of young people from Africa must be managed by us and by the countries they come from, not by traffickers”, said the ex prefect. “Italy has brought the due attention of European organizations back to the issue. The plan revolves around the conviction that every action of firmness is needed to reject illegal trafficking in the Mediterranean, a path on which we all agree, also in the light of the investigation by the judiciary in Caltanissetta on what revolves around the trafficking of men arriving from North Africa. The firmness that we want to oppose and maintain must be compensated for with legal entry flows and a humanitarian corridor that we are the only ones we already have in Europe”.