Migrants, France: “Italy unacceptable on Ocean Viking”

Paris: “From Rome an attitude contrary to the law of the sea and the spirit of European solidarity”

Italy thanks France for opening its ports to the Ocean Viking, but Paris attacks and denounces “the irresponsible behavior“of the Italian authorities on the case of the ship carrying 234 migrants on board.

A French government source quoted by the French media claims that theItaly’s attitude is “contrary to the law of the sea and the spirit of European solidarity. We expect other things from a country that today is the first beneficiary of the European solidarity mechanism “.

OCEAN VIKING – The Ocean Viking is moving away from Sicily and heading towards France. “Faced with the silence of Italy and due to the exceptional nature of the situation, Ocean Viking is forced to request a safe haven from France”, the NGO Sos Mediterranee announced. The arrival of the humanitarian ship in international waters adjacent to Corsica is expected on 10 November.

“This extreme solution – says the NGO – is the result of a very serious and dramatic failure of all the member states of the European Union and associated states, which have not been able to indicate a safe harbor for our ship. We ask that the Coordination Center for Search and Rescue at French Seas find an immediate solution for the castaways aboard the Ocean Viking “.

“The situation on the Ocean Viking – says Francesco Creazzo of Sos Mediterranee – has become unsustainable there are 234 people, including 55 minors who need to disembark immediately. The situation on board after twenty days at sea is tense. They can’t make it. more with several medical cases on board. Seventeen people needing to be diagnosed and three, of course, hospitalized, one in particular has pneumonia and is unresponsive to antibiotics. The authorities are informed of the situation aboard the Ocean Viking but not there is still no positive response. “