Migrants, France: “Italy’s behavior unacceptable”

the French government spokesperson, Vera: Respect European commitments “

The Ocean Viking, with 234 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean on board, “should be welcomed in Italy” in the light of international maritime law. Thus the French government spokesman, Olivier Veran, in an interview with franceinfo.

Marking the attitude of the Italian government as “unacceptable”, Veran explained that France hopes, “since the boat is still in Italian territorial waters, that Italy will play its role and respect its European commitments”.

“Nobody will let this boat run the slightest risk”, however, Veran specified, assuring that the French authorities are monitoring in real time the evolution of the situation of the ship’s passengers.

Meanwhile, all the migrants of the two NGO ships, the Humanity 1 and Geo Barents of Doctors Without Borders, moored respectively last Saturday and Sunday in the port of Catania and disembarked yesterday, were taken to a municipal sports facility, the Palaspedini.

If MSF’s Geo Barents will resume navigation as soon as it refuel, the position of Sos Humanity will be announced today during a press conference scheduled for 11 at the Levante pier. Finally, the Sicily CGIL announced that the protest ‘Let’s make them go down’ which had been announced for 5 pm today in the port of Catania in support of the two NGO ships will not be held.