Migrants, France: “We will not welcome the 3 thousand present in Italy”

According to the French government, Italy “does not maintain its fundamental commitment to the European solidarity mechanism” and therefore Paris will not keep the obligation envisaged. And Meloni is “the big loser of this situation”

France will not keep the commitment foreseen by the European solidarity mechanism to welcome “just over 3 thousand” migrants present at the moment in Italy, “of which 500 by the end of the year”. This was stated on spokesman for the French government, Olivier Veranafter the case of the Ocean Viking, which arrived in Toulon on Friday.

Italy does not maintain its fundamental commitment in the European solidarity mechanism “and France will not maintain the obligation envisagedthat is to welcome 3 thousand migrants currently on Italian territory“Veran told broadcaster Bfmtv.

Giorgia Meloni is “the big loser of this situation”, Veran later said accusing the Prime Minister of lack of coherence. for not welcoming the Ocean Viking. “France would not be France” if it had not welcomed this boat and therefore “respected international agreements”, he told broadcaster Bfmtv, underlining that “the humanitarian situation” on board convinced Paris to make “the right choice” and to open the port of Toulon to the NGO.

“Italy – he added – is a loser because it normally has a European solidarity mechanism which means that a large number of European countries, in particular France and Germany, commit themselves in exchange for the fact that Italy welcomes the ships boats” to receive part of the migrants who land on Italian territory.

“We had the goal and commitment to welcome just over 3 thousand people in Italy, of which 500 by the end of the year”, defended Veran, reiterating France’s intention to no longer comply with the obligation.

THE PARIS WARNING – Yesterday the warning came to Rome from Paris. “If Italy persists, there will be consequences”, the French Foreign Minister, Catherine Colonna, explained in an interview with the newspaper ‘Le Parisien’ after refusing to welcome the Ocean Viking. Colonna, you denounced the “lack of humanity” of Italy, referring to the story of the ship that eventually docked in Toulon, France. “The decision is shocking. These methods are not acceptable. It is a very strong disappointment”, stated the head of transalpine diplomacy.