Migrants, Germany to stop NGO funding

After tensions with Italy, the German government is ready to suspend the contribution

Germany is set to block funding for 2024 for NGOs that rescue migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. This was reported by ‘Bild’, announcing the turning point in Berlin’s line. The topic has been the subject of discussions and conflicts between Italy and Germany in recent weeks.

In 2023 the German Foreign Ministry had allocated 2 million for NGOs. The German government, writes the German tabloid, “in view of the budget law for 2024 would not have included the rule which had instead been included in the 2023 budget law”. According to information gathered by ‘Bild’ “it would not be an oversight” but an about-face.

“The Chancellery is against further financing and the Foreign Ministry is also of the same opinion,” a source explains to the German newspaper. However, the final word will be up to Parliament. And according to ‘Bild’, the Greens intend to push for funding for NGOs to be included in the budget law again next year.