Migrants, Giorgia Meloni to Scholz: “Surprised by Germany’s aid to NGOs”

The Prime Minister in a letter to the German Chancellor: “There is a risk of increased departures and new tragedies at sea”

Amazement” at the German government’s help to NGOs, with the risk of “multiplied departures” of migrants and “new tragedies” at sea. But also the hand outstretched for a “structural” solution, which she is ready to find by talking about it in person. These i contents of the letter sent last Saturday by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Prime Minister Meloni’s letter to German Chancellor Scholz

“Dear Olaf, as you know, in recent weeks the Italian Government has been busy on the front line in dealing with exceptional migratory pressure – the incipit of the letter -. This commitment is expressed both on the internal front to give maximum support to the Italian regions most involved, starting from the Island of Lampedusa, and on the international one, where we have multiplied contacts, most recently in New York, with international partners and countries of origin and transit as well as with EU institutions and member states. the visit of the President of the European Commission von der Leyen to Lampedusa last 17 September and the concrete progress in the implementation of the EU-Tunisia Memorandum of Understanding that resulted from it were important.”

“In this context, I learned with amazement that your Government – in an uncoordinated manner with the Italian Government – would have decided to support with significant funds non-governmental organizations involved in welcoming irregular migrants on Italian territory and in rescues in the Mediterranean Sea. Both possibilities raise questions. First of all, with regards to the important and burdensome chapter of ground assistance, it is legitimate to ask whether it does not deserve to be facilitated in particular on German territory rather than in Italy. Furthermore, it is widely known that the presence of NGO boats at sea has a direct effect of multiplying the departures of precarious boats which not only results in a further burden for Italy, but at the same time increases the risk of new tragedies at sea”, the Prime Minister puts it in black and white.

“I believe that the efforts, including financial ones – continues Meloni – of the EU nations interested in providing concrete support to Italy should rather focus on building structural solutions to the migration phenomenon, for example by working on an EU initiative with transit countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean, which moreover would require fewer resources than that which has long been in place with Turkey”.

“Certain of your understanding and collaboration, I hope that the exact contours of these initiatives of your Government can be better clarified, and I will be happy to discuss the issue in person at the first available opportunity, starting from the EPC Summit and the European Council in Granada next 5 and 6 October”, concludes the Prime Minister.