Migrants, Giorgia Meloni: “We are anything but isolated in the EU”

The President of the Council is “satisfied” with the text approved in Brussels. Bilateral tomorrow with Scholz

The President of the Council, Giorgia Meloni, after the agreement reached yesterday in Brussels on the negotiating position on the regulation on migratory crises, is “satisfied with a text that meets Italian needs much more. I am happy – he adds in Granada, on the sidelines of the summit of the European Political Community – of the fact that I believe it has been demonstrated that we are far from isolated in this negotiation. That, for better or worse, Europe’s perception and intentions on the subject of migration are evolving towards a more pragmatic line of legality, which wants to fight traffickers, which wants to stop illegal immigration and manage legal immigration. Which is also the only way to give people a dignified life.”

The prime minister then underlines that the European Commission is active on the external dimension of migration, but we need to “work” on the timing, to “run a little faster”. “We can always do better – she replies to those who ask her if she is satisfied with the EU’s action on migration – but I am certainly satisfied with the direction that the debate on the immigration and asylum pact took yesterday. On the external dimension we need to take a little ‘more”.

Bilateral with Scholz

With German Chancellor Olaf Scholz “we have a bilateral meeting tomorrow morning”, says the Prime Minister. Yesterday in Coreper on the Council’s negotiating position on the regulation on migratory crises, the Prime Minister continues, “obviously we gave our vote, because we believe it to be a text that is decidedly better than the previous rules. But the current Italian proposal – she underlines – is not that of continuing to talk about how we redistribute or distribute people who enter Europe illegally. The Italian proposal is to stop illegal migration. And she is also the only one who can get everyone to agree “in the EU.

Mattei Plan for Africa

As for Africa, “I have already explained the approach of the Mattei plan several times. We are also nearing completion with a rule relating to the governance of this plan of ours, with the presentation of a plan that we want to compare, mainly with the countries Europeans, in the conference we have at the beginning of November, Italy-Africa, and which I will then present in Parliament and bring to the European institutions”. “Because Italy – he continues – wants to try to be a pioneer in this matter of the different relationships that we need with the African continent. An approach that must not be paternalistic, which must not be predatory, which must be an approach equal to equal. But clearly we need a Europe that believes in us, as a whole, so that it can be effective. Italy alone cannot address all the continent’s problems.” However, he concludes, “I have always found a lot of attention on this matter”.