Migrants, Humanity asks for immediate disembarkation for 35 still on board

The ship remains in Catania as well as MSF’s Geo Barents: “No deadline for leaving the port”. Today the appeal to the TAR against selective landing

“SOS Humanity calls for the immediate disembarkation of the remaining 35 survivors on board of Humanity 1 and is undertaking alegal action against the latest government decree Italian. “So the NGO after Humanity 1 yesterday disembarked only 144 migrants of the 179 who were on board.

And the selective disembarkation of migrants ends before the Regional Administrative Court. Today the German NGO Sos Humanity will file an appeal to the Tar of Lazio against the decree of the Italian government which prevents migrants remaining on board the ship from landing ashore.

Not only. The NGO has let it be known that she will start a urgent proceeding to the Court of Catania to “guarantee” the right of migrants to obtain humanitarian protection.

Meanwhile Humanity 1 and Geo Barentsthe two NGO ships that landed yesterday in the port of Catania and which respectively welcome 35 of the 179 people rescued – after 144 were sent off because they were considered ‘fragile’ by the Usmaf medical commission – and 214 refugees (after last night from the ship of Doctors Without Borders children, pregnant women and families with minors were brought down), remain in port.

In the provision in which the captain of the ship is told to leave the port of Catania with the 35 migrants left on board there is no deadline, no time limit“, underlined circles close to the Humanity 1 lawyers, also in relation to the timing of presentation of appeals to the TAR and to the civil court.

But the situation among those forced to remain on board becomes more difficult by the hour. “On the Geo Barents – reports Riccardo Gatti, head of search and rescue operations of Doctors Without Borders – there are 214 people compared to the 215 left on board by the authorities after yesterday’s stop at the landing, because There was a medical evacuation tonight. We have found not only panic attacks but also skin infections quite serious, therefore the situation at the level of medical-psychological vulnerability is still open, just as we therefore consider the rescue operation still open, which must be concluded with the disembarkation of the people as soon as possible, according to international obligations “, he insists Gatti. “We are evaluating – he adds – how to proceed also on a legal level. We have received the inter-ministerial decree, our legal team is working to find out illegality in the actions taken by the authorities but also how to proceed according to a defense determined by the situation in which we find ourselves “.