Migrants in Lampedusa, flurry of landings: 500 arrived

A total of 788 migrants were present in the island’s hotspot

Flurry of landings during the night onisland of Lampedusa, where a total of almost 500 migrants arrived. In the first disembarkation, around midnight, 27 people of Tunisian nationality arrived, preceded by six other people escorted to the port shortly before. Immediately afterwards, 56 disembarked, including 5 women, of Eritrean and Egyptian nationality. With the third landing, 48 migrants arrived, including a minor. They come from Egypt and Bangladesh. In the fourth landing, before 1am, 52 people arrived, including 5 women and 3 minors. They come from Bangladesh, Egypt, Eritrea, Sudan and Pakistan. Following this, 56 migrants arrived, including 16 women and 3 minors. Furthermore, just before three o’clock, 84 arrived, including 5 minors and a woman. Then, 45 people disembarked, all men. Shortly after five in the morning, 55 people arrived, all men, from Bangladesh, Egypt and Syria.

After the last landings, there are 788 migrants present at the island’s hotspot. Among them there are 16 unaccompanied minors. Today the transfer of 148 migrants is expected and will be taken by ship to Porto Empedocle (Agrigento).