Migrants, Italy-Albania agreement: EU in contact with Rome, details requested

The spokespersons of the European Commission: “We need to see the details, we have asked for detailed information”

After theagreement between Italy and Albania on migrant centers, “we are in contact with the Italian authorities, we need to see the details, we have asked for detailed information”. The spokespersons of the company declared this during the regular press briefing European Commission.

The European Commission is “aware of the operational agreement between the Italian and Albanian authorities” in the field of management of migratory flows. “We have been informed of this agreement, but have not yet received detailed information: the operational agreement still needs to be translated into law by Italy and further implemented. It is important that any agreement of this kind fully respects EU and international law,” a spokeswoman for the EU executive explained yesterday to Adnkronos.

Interviewed on the Rome-Tirana agreement, the prime minister Giorgia Meloni he explained: “We informed the European Commission without this leading to critical issues. Indeed, I believe that it can become a model of collaboration between EU countries and non-EU countries on the management of migratory flows”, his words to ‘Messagero’.

“I would add that I consider this agreement to be an agreement with a great European spirit, with which Albania confirms itself not only as a friendly nation of Italy but also as a friendly nation of the European Union. And it is significant to underline that although it is not yet part of the EU Tirana is in fact behaving as if it already were, making choices perfectly in line with those principles of solidarity and cooperation at the basis of the European family”, adds the prime minister.

“Albania will give Italy the opportunity to use some areas in Albanian territory, in particular the port of Shengjin and the Gjader area, in which Italy will be able to build, at its own expense and under its jurisdiction, two structures where manage entry, temporary reception, processing of asylum applications and possible repatriation of immigrants”, explains Meloni, further underlining: “The structures will be able to accommodate up to three thousand immigrants at the same time to carry out border procedures, which this Government has reduced it to 28 days. For this reason, in the space of a year, more than 36 thousand immigrants can be transferred to Albania”.