Migrants, Leoluca Orlando: “Inhumane behavior from the government”

“Monopolized by the Salvinian obsession, it criminalizes NGOs and does not respect conventions and regulations in force”. The selective landing in Catania? “I would have expressed all my opposition”

“We have gone from the pride of the ‘Mare nostrum’ operation, which saved human lives rather than pursuing security logics, to our country’s refusal to carry out gestures not so much of humanity, but of respect for the conventions and regulations in force”. To tell Adnkronos it is Leoluca Orlando, former mayor of Palermo always at the forefront of hospitality, in the hours in which the tug-of-war between the Viminale and two NGOs continues at the port of Catania, Humanity1 and Geo Barents. “This government, monopolized by the Salvinian obsession, wants to criminalize NGOs. They slapped all Italians, the humanitarian culture and the tradition of hospitality “, cuts short the former mayor, who in May 2021 wrote a heartfelt letter to the president of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyenand then President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, to ask for the establishment of a European civil service, Recs (Rescue European Civil Service)to save the lives of migrants at sea.

In Catania after theselective landing‘Some of the survivors rescued in the central Mediterranean were not allowed to go ashore. “If it had happened in Palermo when I was mayor I would have expressed all my possible opposition”, now says Orlando who as the first citizen of the Sicilian capital has conferred honorary citizenship on the crew of the Sea Eye, on Sea Watch, Doctors Without Borders, Sos Mediterranee and to the Ionian Sea of ​​Mediterranea Saving Humans. “This government does not have the courage to change the laws, changes that the Constitutional Court and the European institutions would certainly reject – he warns -. inhuman and illegitimate behaviorrelying on administrative measures that claim to invoke the spirit of the regulations in force, not, as it would be normal to choose between several possible interpretations, but to violate them “.

The consequence of such behavior? “In this way there is a weakening of the constitutional values ​​themselves, which risks transforming our country into an international context”Rogue state‘exactly like the Libyawhose so-called authorities are foraged to keep real open-air lager“. L’Ocean Viking with 234 shipwrecked on board, rescued between 22 and 26 October in six different operations in the central Mediterranean, after a standstill lasted days he asked a safe haven for France. The arrival in the international waters near Corsica is scheduled for Thursday. A decision arrived after more than 30 requests sent to all the competent Maritime Rescue Coordination Centers (Rcc). On the deck of the ship there are also 14 women and 57 minors waiting to disembark: 43 have faced the crossing in the Mediterranean aboard insecure and overloaded small boats alone. The youngest castaway is just 3 years old. Some of them have been waiting for 18 days now.

“I express all my appreciation to the mayor of Marseille who has opened the port of the city”, says Orlando now, who remotely replies to those who, like the Minister of Infrastructure, Matteo Salvini, writes on social media: ‘The air has changed’. Echoes of that ‘the godsend is over’ that throughout the election campaign was invoked as a change of pace in terms of managing migration flows. “I consider the vulgar expression an unbearable insult to the suffering of migrants’the free ride is over‘. What godsend? That of the dead at sea in the Mediterranean or of those who are tortured in Libya? “, Concludes Orlando. (By Rossana Lo Castro)