Migrants, Mattarella: “Condolences must be followed by concrete choices by Italy and the EU”

“They leave the earth with pain to seek a better future, human rights and indivisible freedoms”

“Faced with the dramatic event that took place” in Cutro with the shipwreck of migrants, “but even more with what this depicts of dramatic conditions” in Afghanistan “as in other countries, condolences must be translated into concrete, operational choices on the part of everyone: of Italy, for its part, of the European Union, of all the countries that are part of itbecause this is the real answer to give to what happened, under these conditions which, with violations of human rights and freedom, affect everyone, anywhere in the world”. This was stated by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, speaking in Potenza at the inauguration of the academic year of the University of Basilicata.

“The uniqueness of mankind – said the Head of State – recalls the value of indivisibility of human rights and freedom. In any community, freedom is not effective if it is not the prerogative of everyone and the whole world is now increasingly a collected community, with no effective, interconnected distance, within which the lack of freedom affects everyone, everywhere. This call is particularly felt for us these days. Not far from here, on the coasts of Calabria, a tragic event occurred a few days ago, which entirely involved the emotion of our country”.

“First of all, the Afghan refugees brought to mind what our country did almost two years ago when the Taliban occupied Kabul, to bring to Italy not only our soldiers there on missions, but all the Afghan citizens who had collaborated with our mission. We have left none, we have welcomed them all here in Italy. This – said Mattarella – brings to mind the television images of the large crowd of Afghans at Kabul airport begging for a ride by plane to go elsewhere, it therefore makes us understand why entire families, people who see no future, try to leave their land with suffering, as always happens, to seek a future elsewhereto have the possibility of a future elsewhere”.

Mattarella then said: “I would like to thank a lot” Pegah Moshir Pour, Iranian, human and digital rights activist, who spoke at the inauguration of the academic year of the University of Basilicata. “Her presence itself, the words she spoke, are a strong reminder of human rights, of freedom. Above all, thinking of the country from which she came here, of great historical and cultural traditions of great civilization, which sees a regime that suffocates one’s children and this is the antithesis to the enunciation of human rights and freedom” affirmed the President of the Republic.