Migrants, mayor Lampedusa: “Here the war bulletin”

Mannino asks Meloni and Piantedosi to meet: “At every hour I receive calls from the police who inform me of the arrival of corpses”

“Yesterday I sent a request for an urgent meeting to Prime Minister Meloni and to the Minister of the Interior Piantedosi. I asked them to see us in Lampedusa or Rome to discuss the management of the migratory phenomenon and the impact on my community “. mayor of Lampedusa, Filippo Mannino, after yet another sleepless night. On the Favaloro pier the men of the Port Authority have landed the lifeless body of a newborn. Just 20 days, he died during the crossing of the Mediterranean with his mother from hypothermia.

“The mother said that since birth she suffered from respiratory problems, she had come to Italy to have him treated,” says the mayor, whose phone keeps ringing. “At any time of day or night, I receive calls from the police who notify me of the arrival of corpses – admits -. I’m war bulletin numbers and it is really becoming heavy, tiring to work like this “. Even from a human point of view.” I hope that there is attention, a gesture of solidarity towards this territory “.

In the letter sent to the President of the Council of Ministers and to the head of the Interior Ministry, the mayor underlined a series of emergencies with which the largest of the Pelagias has to deal. Issues related to migratory flows and landings that are daily on this small rock in the middle of the Mediterranean. “From the problem of the bodies and their accommodation in the mortuary to that of the boats stacked at the pier and which in bad weather, as happened three nights ago, create incalculable environmental damage as well as having destroyed the pier”. Problems that, Mannino reiterates, “we cannot continue to manage alone, we do not have the financial and human resources. We need a commissioner structure to deal with them”.

147 reached the largest of the Pelagias during the night, are added to the 374 that arrived yesterday. In 28, including 8 women, all of sub-Saharan origin, they were blocked by the financiers in Cala Francese, where they had managed to land independently. No trace of the boat used for the crossing. Shortly after at the Favaloro pier, 51 migrants disembarked from the patrol boat of the Harbor Master’s Office, including 13 women and 5 minors.

There was also, however, the corpse of a newborn among the 37 migrants, all men, who arrived around one o’clock. The sea cart on which they were traveling was tracked down by the men of the Port Authority and after the transshipment was left adrift. The baby who suffered from respiratory problems was found lifeless by rescuers. Also the men of the Coast Guard intercepted 31 other people aboard a small boat adrift. Among them also 17 women and a minor. After an initial health triage, they were conducted in the hotspot in the Imbriacola district, where the number of visitors returned to exceed one thousand.

“What really angers me is that it is becoming an everyday life in the silence and indifference of Europe. They are war numbers and no one intervenes. While there is a quarrel about NGOs, the EU continues to remain firm and deaf about its positions”, is Mannino’s bitter outburst.

“Now we just have to hope for bad weather”, says the mayor to Adnkronos, who, speaking of the tug-of-war that took place in Catania between the government and the NGOs, adds: “If there are lives at risk they go saved and then we think about law and politics. But it is right to give a signal to Europe, where we appeal to solidarity, to collaboration between states without actually wanting to change the Dublin regulation. is immobile on this issue, Europe cannot think that everything falls on the shoulders of Italy or even Lampedusa. It is obvious, however, that saving people has priority. Before getting to blocking the ships, a protocol. It is useless to leave people on board waiting. The rules must exist but they must be human “.

On the small island, the spotlights seem to have been out for some time. “By now Lampedusa is no longer news, it continues to receive migrants and deaths for 30 years – she says bitterly -. I am worried about the silence of the institutions and why an island is left to manage a phenomenon of epochal significance”. Even today in the hotspot of the Imbriacola district there are more than a thousand people with a capacity of 400 seats. “What is missing is the organization in order not to be caught unprepared – underlines the mayor -. It would be enough to put a ship at anchor and every time the migrants inside the center exceed the maximum capacity, proceed immediately to the transfers, without creating the shameful conditions of overcrowding in the center that we all know and of which we are scandalized every time “.

In short, the mayor’s invitation is to “structural and organic the phenomenon”. “If we start doing it now, however, we cannot ask a mayor of an area of ​​20 square kilometers to take charge of all this. It is neither fair nor humane”. For this he took pen and paper and wrote to Prime Minister Meloni and Minister Piantedosi. “I asked for an urgent meeting. In Rome or Lampedusa. As long as it is early.”